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What is my Browser

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About What is my Browser

What is my browser tool allows you to check the Present browser Info you are viewing. It shows the Information about Browser Name, Browser Version, Your OS, and User-Agent.

About What is my Browser Tool

There are many browsers available in this world, the most popular being Google Chrome because it is fast, secure, and highly credible. Plus, it has the trust of Google.

You can determine for yourself what browser to use because it all depends upon your convenience. For instance, if your browser is not credible; does not warn you before entering an unsecured website, and download malware content, then you have confided in the browser, which makes it even more necessary for you to detect browser version that you use to surf the internet.

It is crucial to detect the browser version because you will know about the brand on which you can no longer rely. And the What is My Browser tool by RankWatch is your way of knowing what is your browser. Our tool can help you detect your browser, and if you are checking via a mobile, then it will detect a mobile browser as well. 

Through our WhatIsMyBrowser tool, you will get the answer to questions like 'how do I know what browser I am using ?', 'what browser version am I using ?', 'What browser do I have and so on.

Our Detect Browser tool produces a report that includes every piece of information related to your web browser.